Do you want to know how you can better support the English language learners in your classroom? 

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My hope is to share any tips, tools, and resources that I find helpful in teaching our youngest English language learners. Whether you are new to the classroom or a veteran who wants a little inspiration, I hope you can find what you need to help your students succeed.




New Study on the Window for Learning a New Language

While not all researchers agree on a critical or sensitive period for acquiring a second language, many studies show that those who acquire their second language by the age of five attain a higher level of English proficiency than those who do so later in life. This new study shows that the “crucial period” lasts much longer…


ESL in Baseball?

How do professional baseball players from other countries feel about being ELLs? I came across this article about how important it is for teammates to communicate with one another and what they do to help each other out. This would be great to share with ELLs in the classroom, especially if you have Cincinnati Reds fans!


Language Acquisition or Learning Disability?

It can be difficult to determine if an ELL is struggling because they are in the process of learning English or because they have a learning disability. This guide, created by NYC Department of Education, discusses the answers to questions about how to tell the difference and what classroom teachers can do to help.

Language Acquisition or Learning Disability?

Students from Eritrea: What Teachers Should Know

I recently visited with a family from Eritrea and learned a lot about their culture and traditions. Before meeting them, I researched their home country to learn what I could about their language, religion, customs, etc., but before this, I had very little knowledge about Eritrea. This article gives an overview of what you should know as a teacher if you have students from Eritrea in your classroom.


Do you have students from Eritrea? Is there anything you would add?